Full Follow-up Consultation

£90.00 50 minutes


A Full Follow-up is a chance to fully review your support plan and reset your goals and actions according to the progress you have made so far. During this 50-minute appointment we’ll be able to work back through the advice previously provided, evaluate your progress and problems and reset your actions and priorities in line with where you are now on your health journey. Depending on how long it has been since your initial appointment we may also ask you to complete a new assessment so we have the most up to date information about you to work with.

Is this right for you?

If you have had  an initial consultation within the last few months and you now have lots of questions, want to discuss any aspects of your current support in-depth or need a bit more support in making the changes necessary to achieve your goals, then a full follow-up is for you.  Also, if you have a more complex health concern, you want to discuss any test results you have received or there are some new developments in your situation, then a full follow-up would be best for this.