Initial Consultation

£150.00 60 minutes


Initial consultation

An Initial Consultation is comprehensive and thorough; this is place where everyone starts their MyOnlineCLINIC journey. The Initial Consultation, lasting 60 minutes, includes:

  • A comprehensive health & diet assessment – taken online, prior to your consultation
  • A one-to-one 60-minute nutrition consultation
  • A detailed Personalised Improvement Plan to get you started on your journey to better health

Health & diet assessment

Before we can develop your bespoke nutrition programme, our nutritionists need to understand your current health status. Our interactive online screening tool takes you through a comprehensive Health & Diet Assessment that looks at six key areas affecting your overall wellbeing – diet, activity levels, lifestyle, body weight, stress and any current health concerns. For each section you’ll receive a score from poor to excellent – revealing those areas that could do with some improvement and where to prioritise. This is the basis of your initial consultation with your health coach, during which your nutritionist will discuss how to prioritise those aspects of your health, diet and lifestyle that will make the biggest difference to your wellbeing, the soonest.

Initial nutrition consultation

Your initial video nutrition consultation kick-starts your health programme with our experienced nutrition scientists & therapists – your health coaches. During your appointment they will ask you a number of additional questions to clarify the answers given in your assessment and to understand the real impact your current habits and food choices could be having on your health and wellbeing. You will also be asked to provide us with some extra information prior to the appointment so that we can really tailor our recommendations to your needs. We will then discuss our key recommendations to help you see the health improvements you would like to achieve and these will be detailed in your Personalised Improvement Plan – your personal roadmap to real health.

Personalised Improvement Plan

In your Personalised Improvement Plan you’ll see your health scores clearly depicted on a health wheel like the one pictured here, right. Very few people will see excellent (dark green) scores in every section – if you do, you’re healthier than any of our nutritionists! Excellent means optimal. Our goal is to achieve balance and aim for ‘good’ in as many areas as possible, starting with your weaker scoring areas. For some people this will be diet, for others it might be activity, lifestyle or even stress. Chances are you’ll already be familiar with the most important recommendations, which your nutrition coach will have discussed with you in your consultation. Do set aside some extra time to read your plan, though, as there are some excellent ‘how-tos’ and additional tips and nutritional recommendations to help you achieve your goals faster. Your plan will be available to download from your dashboard after your consultation.

How to attend your online consultation

After booking your consultation you will have access (via this platform and via email link) to a virtual clinic meeting room. This connects you directly to your nutritionist via video, much like Skype. The room will be open 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Upon clicking into this room, you will have access to your assessment answers and any current support plans for reference.

At the start of your appointment, your nutritionist will become visible and you will be able to talk to them directly through the microphone and speakers in your computer. Please make sure you have set these up and checked that they work in advance of the call as we will not be able to extend your appointment. There is also a text chat option in case you do have any problems. Please ensure you have adequate internet bandwidth to support the call as we cannot reimburse for any loss of connection on your part. If possible, please use a device with an active webcam – this could be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

PLEASE NOTE: the video software is optimised for Google Chrome and Firefox. Please ensure you are using one of these browsers for your consultation.