Health and Diet Assessment


Before your consultation you’ll need to complete your Health and Diet assessment. Via our fun and interactive online tool we collect detailed information about you. By understanding your health goals, the foods you prefer, how you like to cook, what your favourite tipple is, how often you exercise, whether you are sleeping well, how much stress you might be under, and whether you have any existing health concerns, we build a comprehensive picture of not only the factors that could be impacting on your health but also which areas are most important or might be difficult for you to address.

Your nutrition coach’s bespoke advice and recommendations are based on a deep understanding of your individual lifestyle, diet, current state of health and health goals, so please be honest and give the best answer possible, that is most representative of your situation.

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What you need to know before taking the assessment

This assessment will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, so we recommend setting aside some quiet time as it must be completed in one sitting.