Sophie Tully

About Sophie Tully BSc, MSc, DipPT, Pn1, AFMCP, mANP

Sophie first trained in biomedical science, specialising in Pharmacology, before working as a drug discovery research scientist developing highly specialised cancer therapies. Leaving research to study a master's degree in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition . Sophie runs a thriving private nutrition and health consultancy business working with elite athletes and the general public to help them achieve optimal health through lifestyle and dietary interventions. Sophie also lectures for both the biomedicine and nutrition courses and is a clinic supervisor at the internationally renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine. Guest speaker and author for a number of health events and magazines, Sophie maintains her broad but scientific knowledge base by constantly burying her head in books and publications. Sophie’s main clinical and research interests lie in the role of nutrition, lifestyle, neuroscience and genetics in chronic illness, psychology and sports performance.