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MyOnlineCLINIC is all about helping you to be the best you, according to your unique needs and goals. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work with nutrition, as we are each unique. Getting great results and achieving lasting vitality requires individualisation. This is where your Personalised Improvement Plan comes in. With a wealth of information to kickstart your health journey, we recommend referring back to that regularly and monitoring your progress. If you’re interested to learn more about general health and nutrition principles, you’ll find informative content here on our blog – wherever you are on your health journey, we hope you’ll find inspiration to translate these ideas into your lifestyle.

You need only open a magazine to see that the latest ‘celebrity eating craze’ is a ‘high protein’ diet; protein ‘shops’ have taken over high streets, and social media flashes pictures of ‘meal prep’ containing nothing but steak, eggs, chicken and additional protein shakes and bars for good measure. But […]

Protein – are you getting enough?

The perils of hormone imbalances are increasingly associated with greater exposure to man-made chemicals such as BPA and phthalates, but there is more than chemical doom and gloom when it comes to balancing our hormones naturally. Chemicals seem to engulf us wherever we go these days, so how can we […]

Balancing hormones naturally

For some people, fatigue may be very short-lived, whilst for others, months of very high stress levels can actually lead to adrenal fatigue. This isn’t a made-up term for someone feeling a little sleepy, it is a physical state in which the adrenal glands (which sit just above the kidneys), […]

Beating stress & adrenal fatigue