Success Stories

What do our clients have to say?

At MyOnlineCLINIC you are our number one priority. Receiving great feedback and finding out how our tailored support is changing the lives of our clients, makes it all worthwhile.

“Discovering that nutrition can help reduce my pain, has been the best bit so far!”

Joy has had a tough few years having been left experiencing chronic pain and weakness, following an aggressive virus she picked up on holiday ten years ago. Joy is always on the go and has very little time to invest in herself. As such, she is under a lot of stress and her health has really suffered, leaving her struggling with her hormones, digestion, skin and regular migraines.

When Joy came to work with MyOnlineCLINIC she didn’t really know what to expect and was just hoping to find anything that could help her feel better.

“The support plan I’ve been given helps me to focus on my needs in my life, right now. I am learning to relax more and think more about me. I’ve implemented mindful eating and now taste my food rather than rushing it and not even sitting down at the table, and as a result, I am enjoying my food much better. My relationship with my partner has even improved as we now sit down to eat together. The healthy eating changes I’ve made means my partner’s lost weight and feels better too! As well as the mindful eating, learning to take time out for me and using nutrition to help my leg pain, have been the best bits so far.

Working with my coach Nina at MyOnlineCLINIC helps me keep motivated and the information given is great. The changes I have made certainly would not have been made without the help and guidance I’ve received. The support so far has been really helpful. Even small changes, on a daily basis, really can make a difference to general health and well-being.”

“After just 2 weeks I’ve lost 2.5kgs, despite eating more!”

Mark is a shift worker who struggles with insomnia and mental wellbeing. He finds his work patterns affect his ability to eat well and maintain a healthy weight. He’s also prone to overeating sugary foods and gets stressed easily. He was looking for help with leading a happier, healthier life.

After just 2 weeks working with MyOnlineCLINIC coach Sophie, Mark said – ‘I’ve been eating better, including more protein, and seem to have lost some weight (2.5kgs to be precise), despite eating more! My trousers are looser and I’m practising mindfulness every day.”

Mark is really excited about delving into his genes and biochemistry to help better understand the basis of his sleep issues.

“My experience has been inspirational! I love the fact that the support is geared towards me!”

Meet Lynn, these are pictures of her at the start and just 3 months into our ‘Naturally Healthier U programme’. We think she looks great, but don’t take our word for it. Read what Lynn has to say:

“Before I started working with MyOnlineCLINIC I was in a pretty desperate place feeling overwhelmed and confused with what I should/shouldn’t be eating. I was feeling below my best most of the time and with a long list of family illness and the menopause approaching, I felt that I would likely suffer if I didn’t start looking after myself more. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up, but my experience has been inspirational!  I have been thoroughly impressed with the coach’s knowledge and focus on the whole person.  It’s been great that other lifestyle factors have been addressed, not just nutrition. The coaches I’ve spoken to have been empathetic and realistic in setting goals. I like the fact that they don’t appear to be shocked (even if they are!) when I talk about the volume of chocolate I can consume in one go. My digestion has improved massively; I no longer struggle with a lot of the uncomfortable symptoms I was experiencing prior to starting the programme. I also now have a much greater appreciation of how stress affects me and the negative impact it was having on my health. I’ve found the whole programme really enjoyable and informative and love the fact that it’s geared towards me!”

“I’m definitely feeling better, have lost half a stone and my energy levels have improved!”

Lisa is a busy, stressed out, single mum and community nurse and has been looking for the right support to help her make some changes to ensure her future health, for a long time.

In less than 3 months of working with MyOnlineCLINIC she says she’s definitely feeling better, has lost half a stone, no longer gets dry skin and her energy levels have improved!

Here’s what she says about the support she’s received so far: “Fantastic! I feel very lucky. I’m definitely feeling better and have ways to better manage stress. I now eat 7 portions of fruit/veg every day. I exercise and I eat less junk. My coach Maxine is professional, motivating, supportive and non-judgemental. I would definitely recommend MyOnlineCLINIC.”

“I’ve been VERY impressed with the service so far. My coach is awesome!”

When James came to work with MyOnlineCLINIC he was eating a very restrictive diet due to severe digestive reactions. He was also struggling with fatigue and poor sleep. We tested his stress hormone levels, and gut function and found both were out of balance. After just a few weeks working with his coach Maxine, who created James a comprehensive, and carefully personalised dietary support plan, he was able to slowly increase the range of foods he was eating, gain some healthy weight and address a few of his other health concerns.

Here’s what James thinks of MyOnlineCLINIC: “I’ve been VERY impressed with the service so far. My coach is awesome!’ There are still a lot of challenges and uphill struggles ahead but to have put some healthy weight back onto my frame and incorporate more nutritious food into my daily diet is a huge step forwards. Learning about how certain dietary and lifestyle factors can exacerbate stress and gut symptoms has been particularly interesting and helped me be a little more active in my day to day life.”