Why Personalised Nutrition?

MyOnlineCLINIC personalises nutrition advice so that any changes you implement are tailored precisely to you!

Guiding you towards better health

MyOnlineCLINIC is based on the concept of personalised nutrition – our advice is offered based on an understanding of you as an individual and your current diet, lifestyle and health status. While dietary guidelines are vital and valuable, and there is a wealth of good health information elsewhere online, in books and occasionally in the media, there are many drawbacks to relying on information that is generalised. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach we can endorse that will bring consistent positive health results. Our advice and recommendations are based on an in-depth understanding of you and your individual health status and current diet, which offers much greater potential for improving health.

We really are what we eat

Our diet provides the building blocks from which we make every single molecule in our bodies. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are the major nutrients that literally make up the cells and tissues of our bones, muscles and organs. The micronutrients: enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids from food support the function of all the physiological processes in the body.  By helping you better understand the role food plays in your body, you will learn how to create your own unique nutrition and lifestyle recipe for achieving lifelong health and wellbeing.

Scientific and proven to be effective

Recent research shows that, when compared to generalised health and diet advice, personalised support is significantly more effective at helping people achieve their goals and change their nutrition for the better [1].

This significant benefit of personalised support was found to be present in all groups studied, regardless of the extent to which the personalisation occurred. The study authors found that regardless of whether the personalisation was based only on a person’s current diet and lifestyle, or their diet and lifestyle plus biological marker testing or biological marker and genetic test results – the participants experienced the same level of improvement in their dietary choices. This suggests no additional benefits from testing for biological and genetic markers.

Whilst testing can be interesting and useful, costs can quickly mount up. For the most part, people do not need this level of depth to kick-start great health as most of us first have work to do to lay the foundations of good health and, once we ‘tune in’ and listen to our bodies, we will reap the long-term rewards. That’s why we feel that focusing on what we already know about you (diet, lifestyle, current health) and guiding you towards making the right changes, at the right time for you, will be much more effective in helping you to achieve better health, than basing your support on test results that you may not even need.

In another study published in the BMJ recently, [2] researchers found that, across a number of studies, participants who were told which genetic disease risk factors they had, did not alter their habits and behaviours, or motivation to change, any more than participants without these risk alleles. This was despite clear evidence that changes in behaviour, such as reducing alcohol intake, and more physical activity would help reduce the impact these risk factors might have on their health. For most people, receiving diet and lifestyle advice tailored to your current habits, behaviours and health symptoms is enough to enable you to make significant changes to your health, and this is why we always start here at MyOnlineCLINIC.

What if I want to test?

For some people, things might be a little more complicated than making a few simple changes in order to see great results. If you are one of these people, who already has the super strong foundations of a good diet and lifestyle in place and you are still not feeling as well as you’d like, then investing in some well thought out tests might be a useful addition, to help get to the root of the issues you are experiencing. We are all for being informed, and would be more than happy to recommend which tests we think would be most appropriate for you, as well as help you interpret the results and build a support plan based on the findings.

Ultimately, we are here to provide the very best support for you, and we’ll help you discover your recipe for success, however that may look.

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