Personalised Improvement Plan

Find out your health score – and where you might need to do a little extra work

Your Personalised Improvement Plan and tailored support recommendations provide a summary of the recommendations discussed during your consultations as well as a blue print for how to better support your current health and wellbeing!

Broken down into the six key areas that influence your overall health (diet, lifestyle, activity, body composition, stress and health), your plan contains a summary score for each area so you can clearly see whether your health is currently in balance, or where you might need to focus some efforts to improve. Your plan is then divided into sections where you’ll find detailed content in the form of feedback relating to your assessment, as well as recommendations and practical tips for how to improve each area, including and beyond what was discussed in your consultation. You will also receive additional recommendations directly from your coach, including further tailored nutrition advice, extra resources to help you achieve your goals and specific interventions we feel would be most likely to benefit your health quickly.

Making positive changes is all about small and simple steps, which is why we focus our advice on the most important factors affecting your health and wellbeing. We recommend working with us to implement the advice provided during your consultation and in your Plan for at least 3-6 months in order to see some real improvements.