Nutrition Consultation

One-to-one health coaching from our team of experts

We know that, even with the best intentions, making new healthy habits and breaking not-so-healthy ones can be hard, which is why we don’t want you to go it alone. Our team of nutrition and health experts are on hand to provide the support and motivation you need to succeed. Our video Nutrition Consultations can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection and give you one-to-one access to our nutritionists, who will help you prioritise the areas of your health and wellbeing that need some attention, answer any questions you might have about your health or nutrition, and provide additional guidance to ensure the steps you take are going to be the most beneficial to you at that time. Starting with an in-depth Initial Consultation, we can really get to know you and what matters to you most, so the recommendations we make are realistic and achievable. You’ll be given the opportunity to tell us a bit more about yourself in advance of your consultation including what you would like to discuss during your consultation and any specific health concerns and questions you might have. This allows us to personalise our service and support even further, making sure you have the very best experience possible.

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Access ongoing support and advice and explore your optimal health recipe

Once your support is underway you can book a Full (50-minute) or  Express (30-minute) Follow-up consultation, as often as you like. These are ideal for brief catch-ups with your nutrition coach, or more in-depth discussions to review your support and set the next steps to help ensure you continue to progress towards optimal health.

We want to be with you throughout your journey to better health so come back as often as you choose for a follow-up with your nutritionist and to get an update on your advice, or simply read and enjoy the exciting blog articles and advice we’ll send straight to your inbox. Our experts are trained in a range of therapies, so you can book a session to discuss other areas of your health, or even to have some private testing carried out, so you can take a real deep dive into your health and biology. We can offer everything from fatty acid profiling to food allergy testing and even genetic analysis so why not work with us to explore all possibilities as part of your optimal health recipe.