Health & Diet Assessment

We assess your current health, diet & lifestyle

This is where we get to know you! Via our fun and interactive online Health and Diet assessment we collect detailed information about you. By understanding your health goals, the foods you prefer, how you like to cook, what your favourite tipple is, how often you exercise, whether you are sleeping well, how much stress you might be under, and whether you have any existing health concerns, we build a comprehensive picture of not only the factors that could be impacting on your health but also which areas are most important or might be difficult for you to address.

Our bespoke advice and recommendations are based on an understanding of your individual lifestyle, diet, current state of health and health goals. We look at six key areas that affect your  overall wellbeing – including diet, activity levels, lifestyle, body weight, stress and any current health concerns. For each section you’ll receive a score from poor to excellent, so you know which areas could do with some improvement and where to prioritise.

This Health & Diet Assessment closely replicates the service you would receive during a private nutrition therapy consultation – but all of this happens within the comfort of your own home.